Portal World: Bonds

”Okay, that’s better, now do it again,” My father instructs.

”But I’m tired!”

”Then this is the best time to push through. It will enhance your stamina and increase your mana pool.”

”Okay, but just once more.”

”Once more is enough, son.”

I close my eyes and imagine a pitch black wolf, one with bright blue eyes. I focus on it’s features and imagine it’s insides working like father once taught me. The systems within the body, blood flowing to cells, nerves sending signals, lungs oxidizing blood.

After having all of it’s details in my head I focus on my envy and jealousy of it. How it can run fast and have enhanced senses that I don’t and how beautiful it is that I’m not. How it’s free to roam, while I have to sit through peace treaties.

I go down on all fours and howl as I open my eyes that are now that of the wolf.

”Good job son.”

The words break my consentration and I immediately revert back into a human.

Tired and grumpy I suggest, ”Thanks, but I feel like I can just sleep here on the floor.”

”Nonsense, you have a bed for a reason. Besides we meet with the Lion’s Pride this afternoon for the treaty and the chief’s son has to be present. 

”But dad, we already have centaurs, minotaurs, crab people, wolf people, pigmen and bears. How many of the tribes of fur do we need. Moreover the Minotaurs are mad at the Wolves. Tensions within the alliance need to be mended before we add a member.”

”You’re not even sixteen yet and you already think like a leader. However we need all of the tribes and the mere 11 that owe us alliegence are not enough to take the city of grass. They need to pay… Slavery of people, just because they’re half of what’s considered an animal is still wrong. And that vampire…”


”Never mind her, we need to go, can’t be late. It will set a bad example.”

Then he turns to exit the hut. I jump as lightning strikes in front of the front door even though the weather is clear, then a shirtless guy appears where it striked with tattoos of lightning bolts all over his body, wearing headphones and a jean with brand new sneakers.

Shockingly my father doesn’t flinch. Instead he asks with a stern voice,

”Who sent you, and why? Only a few outsiders know about this camp. I bet it’s that immortal slaver by the looks of you.”

”Slaver? No bra, our leader’s a builder an a freedom fighter wi no want for rulin over others. Anyway he ast to tell you he find Aela an Ruby’s joinin the squad.”

”No! I’m begging you don’t drag Ruby into your mess.” With a desperate tone ” hasn’t she been abused enough already?” Then he collects himself again. ”So why is he telling me this?”

”He say he need a place fo dem to stay, whe de grass can’t find dem. He also say he want to meet you tomorrow at a ‘Red River Rook’, whadeva dat is, when sun is top of sky.”

”Anything else?”

”No, I leave now, wait you come, right?”

With a flat tone, ”Tell the asshole I’ll be there. Also ask him to bring the vampire, it’s been years and that’s such a memorable setting. She should see the man her son,” looking in my direction ”grew up to be.”

”I tell him so, bye bye” then the guy’s skin starts to glow, followed by a lightning strike up into the sky.

”Dad?” I ask as he loses his composure and falls to his knees, crying, suddenly in tears and shambles.

”I feared this day would come” is all I hear him say through the tears.