Portal World: Jewels

Noise from the mall fills the background. People of all shapes, colours and sizes talking and spending jewel a wonderful cacophony with a sweet underlying song floating from the mall speakers.

All while I’m looking for an easy swipe. This is my way of giving back for everything she’s done for me. I’ve decided the thinker’s district is the best place for this job, being the district, ruled by jewel and so called ‘democracy.’ Here where most of grass city’s politicians, scientists, strategists and religious people live. All people with full pockets.

Two wealthy looking guys pass me and in an eyeblink I collected all the relevant info on them. The first an energetic guy wearing a black suit on a black button shirt with a black tie and shiny black shoes that must have cost a sapphire.

There’s something about shoes, I don’t really understand, but you can spot the wealthiest by their shoes. 

While he’s rambing on about some richman project his friend, dressed casually in a black sports jacket a t- shirt and a jean, nods through his glasses, writes in a black file and complains about his clothes.

This would be my target. She is depending on me.

I take a detour around a shop so I can come from their front.

”So are you excited about what Ruby has achieved?” The energetic one asks intrigued.

Casually I walk up past him and suddenly I ‘accedently’ bump into him while swiftly relieving him of his jewel pouch and quickly backing it up with a ”sorry.”

After walking away with my loot and turning a couple of corners to lose them, I inspect the bag. Inside, I find a fortune. Among the green emeralds and yellow topazes there’s about five blue sapphires and even more, a purple amethyst. I’m rich. I’m more than rich, my debt is paid. More than that, with this I’m set for life. 

A purple amethyst is worth a hundred and fourty four blue sapphires. One of which is worth a hundred and fourty four green emeralds and an emerald in turn worth a hundred and fourty four yellow topazes.

As I’m thinking of what I could do with this one purple amethyst, a priest, a tall bald blue skinned man from one of the temples spots me, yelling ”thief!” Probably jealous of my amethyst.

Then, as the priest is making a scene, the guy I stole it from and his friend, who is now dressed in a tuxido, comes around the corner in front of me.

Shit. What now?
No no no. She is going to be blazing if I lose an amethyst because of some priest’s stupidity. 

”Kamear demands for street rats like you to be enslaved!”

In a split second decision I swallow the amethyst and throw the rest in the nearest trashcan as I start running. 

Next thing I know, I’m enveloped in some kind of shadow, unable to move ‘cept for by heart trying to break out of my ribcage.

”Mage! Mages aren’t allowed outside their towers! I’ll have you reported to your headmaster!”

”You, blue man, what did you just say?” I hear a somewhat familiar voice, but whose? I can’t turn around to look, being statued like this. 

”I merely told the filthy witch where his place is.”

That voice again, ”What else did you say?”

 I think it’s the one I stole from, but why would he… Oh… No… He’s th├ít man.

The priest, ”Sir I doubt that your mind can fully comprehend the will of the god, Kamear. The one who led the Dragons, built this great city of grass and created gracien. If you are implying that I said something wrong, I assure you a bishop of Kamear is incapable of sin.”

”There’s that name again ‘Kamear’, Shadow who is this Kamear and why does he claim my achievements?”

”I believe the blue man is truely speaks of you, my lord but it seems he is incapable of correctly pronouncing your name, likely because your cult was created and disbanded before gracien was perfected, my lord.”

‘That makes sense, I forgot about making a cult. Shadow, remind me of this if I ever try something similar again.”

”This is blasphemy! How dare you call yourself the great Kamear?! You should die for this!”

Sounding sarcastic ”No, my dear follower you are the one committing blasphemy for mispronouncing my name, the name of the one you call a god. My name is Gamer, not Kamear and I believe that means you have sinned, so you are the one to be, what was it that you said, enslaved.”

Wow did I really steal from him. This is really bad. I have to get out of here.

”Shadow that is the one who stole my amethyst, right?”

”Yes, my lord, I believe so.”

”Then take him with us, and don’t forget to go back and pay for that tux. Lightning Eel, let’s go.”

Then a bright light starts to shine around me followed by being in some underground tunnel.