Portal World: Wake up call

”Yes, I know he’s innocent, but what can I do? They want him enslaved or killed really bad.”

”It’s still not right, it’s injustice.” I, a teenager ‘princess’ plead at my father, the king of grass. ”Nobody should be able to receive a punishment like that just because someone high and mighty is jealous of them.”

”Daughter, my wife adopted your sister and she in turn persuaded me to adopt you aswell, only but a week ago. If I were you, I’d keep my mouth. After all the man did say he created this wonderful city and insult their god.”

”Yeah yeah I know, but I don’t care. Abandon me if you want, I didn’t ask for a father and I don’t need one. Mine made that clear about six years ago when him and my mother, along with my sister vanished, leaving me behind” with a couple of tears in my eyes I continue. ”All I’m asking for is to be the great leader everyone thinks you are and let the innocent man live”

”Girl! You are out of your place.” frustrated he continues as he walks out onto the balcony, overlooking the city, ”I have to make tough decisions, it’s my job! Like sacrificing one man so the majority is happy,”

I follow him to the balcony when a shadow appears between us then turns into a man. The exact man we were speaking of at that.

As both me and the king freezes with fear, the man, clothed in a modern suit with black on black starts to speak. ”Hello, sorry to frighten you, I asked a friend of mine to teleport me up. You look like you were busy so I’ll leave you to your conversation while I go and conduct some business.”

As he aims to head inside the king yells ”Guards!” And in ten seconds he is surrounded by 12 guards, all dressed in metal plate armor with energy blades pointed at him.
He looks at a digital pocket watch then says,”Tweety seconds, I could have killed your king by now.” Then, at the soldiers’ amazement he casually walks past their swords to one of them and pokes his helmet, making them all flinch and box him in so he can’t move anywhere, for if he does, he would be cut by one of their energy blades.

An awkward silence passes while the guard captain looks at the king with an expression that asks what they should do next. Then the guy in black speaks. ”Great stuff, fancy metal you’ve got here, very strong and light. And for your reaction time, top notch. Although I’m not here to test out your security…”

The king interrupts him, ”Then why are you here?”

”To converse with your other daughter, of course, you know the one whose special ability you abused to get your office.”

I can’t believe my ears, did he really abuse my sister?

”Mmm, you’re relatively new right, came through the portal and taking on gracien only a few weeks ago and now you’re a princess. That must make you Aela, Ruby’s older sister, although she’s a little older than you now. Time travel right, it’s a pain. I have a time travelling friend named Healer, but of course I’m getting side tracked.”

Before saying ”Catch” he takes something out of his pocket and tosses it to me, who is stunned, confused, angry and sad of what I just heard.

The ball shaped device falls on the ground and rolls a bit before rolling off the balcony behind me while the enraged king tries to get answers from him. ”How do you know of these things?! Did you kill my wife?! How did you get here?!”

”All great questions but I need to go, and before I do,” he moves his head forward into the energy blade at his neck, slicing open his throat and spewing red blood on the floor.

”I’m immortal and I built this city, that means I won’t have the corrupt rule it. I’m looking for a replacement for you so be cautious of your decisions. Abusing a little girl is just as bad as indebting the city to the Cloak. Ruby is not a tool.” 

After that a shadow starts to cover him then fades into thin air, leaving me with only more questions, as well as dispising feeling toward the king.