Portal World: Request

”Seventeen.” The guy’s voice carries weight.

”And they’re dotted across Potel at the moment?”

”Yes, I need to gather them. I sorta brought them here and I have to take care of them.” 

”You killed them!” Wow the head mistress is angry.

”They’re not dead yet.”

”Why do you do these things?! Why can’t you just apply yourself and clean up your own mess for once. It’ll be a nice change.”

”All I’m asking is that you’ll help me find them and take them to the Grass.”

”I am under no obligation to help you, and neither is my children.”

”But you care. If we don’t get them to safety, they’ll die. They weren’t supposed to come through all at once.”

”Gamer. I can’t believe you have the oddasity to ask me this. It’ll endanger my kids.”

”It’s already endangering mine, Lightning Eel and Shadow, Even Ruby and Aela are helping and they don’t even have teleporting abilities.”

”It’s my responsibility to keep my children safe. Safe from the monsters in the forest and safe from you and your gracien. Don’t think I don’t know you sneaked a little puppet spell into it.”

”How did you… Doesn’t matter, my new children need to be saved, if you’re such a selfish bitch then stay, just know that you could have done something and live with that guilt… forever.

He opens the head mistress’ door to reveal me listening in.

”Sorry ma’am I didn’t mean to listen in.”

”Of course you did,” she lowers her head into her hands, ”anyway, do you think your team can help this man gather his people?”

Trying to act innocent. ”I don’t know the details, I just got here.”

The man in black clothes talks to me,”Little girl, you see, somewhere out there is a little girl like you, who just got here in this world and suddenly has a magical power like you. More, she’s scared and all alone. Don’t you think we should help her before she dies?”

I answer,”I’m not a little girl! I’m older than you!…”

He interrupts,”Doubt it I’m as old as your. What did you call yourself again, Mother if I’m not mistaken.”

Who is this guy, he can’t be as old as Mother, she’s immortal. 

He continues,”Considering everything I conclude that you’re Mother’s vampire, Roxy. Tell her about the reason you’re really here sometime, will you. However, if you want her to stay in the dark just a little longer, I suggest you wake up your team to do my mission.”

What, this guy can’t be serious, he must be bluffing, there’s no way one of us would betray the Counsel.

”What are you talking about. Don’t listen to the idiot, Roxy, he’s probably lying to cover his own back.”

”You, out of anyone should know that I’m many things, but not a liar, although Roxy here… She’s told more than a handful of lies to the dear beloved Mother of her. Plans to…”

”Stop!” I interrupt him,”We’ll do this mission, and after I’m leaving this foster home for good. Sorry ma’am, but you need to stop treating us like children. We’re not in danger and we are capable of helping this messed up world with our abilities.”

”Thanks Roxy,” He says with a smile, ”Here’s the portal locations,” He hands me a a map of the continent Potel, with seventeen red dots on it, of which four have been crossed out.

Go for the ones not crossed on the map, just take them to the City of Grass after finding them, I arranged for the cloak to take them when they get there.”

”You monster!” Mother yells at him,”I thought you cared about them, how could you hand them over to those thieves and cutthroats? If the wild doesn’t kill them the Cloak surely will.”

”You’re one to talk, handing that vampire’s boy over to the Claw. Anyway, I don’t need your permission anymore, Mother, but I’ll say this. Prepare for War, the Dragons have awoken, and with them a certain immortal. And remember that the one with the most allies have always won the wars.”

”Do you mean you always win the wars, is this really just a game to you?”

”Life is a game, mine just never ends, Roxy! Those people are waiting, let’s go.”


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